We Are Creative, We Are Innovative, We Are Samplrr!

Samplrr is an India based experiential marketing and sampling agency, driving brand awareness and customer engagement for products with best-in-class, innovative, and tailored marketing.

Specialising in Brand Activation, Product Sampling and Experiential Marketing, we are dedicated towards creating a tailored experience for your target customers through your brand.

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Awareness | Visibility | Loyalty 

Product Marketing Services that Meet Your Brand Goals

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Brand Activation

Customer interaction events & campaigns to boost awareness, engagement, and build an emotional connection with your customer.
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Strategic Alliance Management

Mutually beneficial strategic alliances with other brands to maximise reach, expand market, and establish credibility.
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Outdoor Advertising

Advertise on the basis of location & demographics, through billboards, commercial vehicles, bus-stops, and signage.
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Door to Door Advertising

Face-to-face interaction with your prospective customers for higher engagement, brand awareness, and real time feedback.
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Experiential Marketing

Meaningful brand-to-life experience for your customers, including digital components, for a hands-on & memorable product experience.
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Product Sampling

Strategically targeted dry and wet product sampling to collect customer data, and boost awareness, engagement, conversion & loyalty.
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BTL Marketing

Analyse consumer behaviour and pattern and narrow-target marketing activities for higher engagement and conversion.
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Liquidation of Excess Stock

Liquidate your excess inventory effectively and efficiently with remerchandising & remarketing your slow-moving stock.
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Influencer Branding

Leverage the power of influencer marketing for new launches, and boost reach, engagement, conversion & loyalty.
This is how we stand out from the crowd!

Samplrr - An Experiential Marketing Agency To Look Out For

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Creativity At Its Best

We create marketing and sampling solutions tailored to your brand identity & brand goals, through creativity, innovation, expertise and experience.
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We eliminate your last minute hassles with our end-to-end experiential marketing & sampling services, right from ideation, permissions, set up, manpower management, and logistics.
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Zero Pilferage

We ensure that your inventory does not get embezzled or lost, and reaches your target customers in the right quantity, with real time tracking of inventory movement and status.

100% Transparency

We maintain 100% transparency with respect to all campaigns, events & activities that we carry out for your product, with the help of a functional and robust dashboard.

Personalized Audit & Reporting

Samplrr conducts random audits and checks to maintain the proof of campaign, and make fixes wherever necessary.

Constant Updates

Along with complete information about collected data, negotiated costs, and deliverables, we provide constant updates regarding the progress of the campaigns.

Make Best Use of The Chaos! Don’t Limit Your Brand Exposure

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We Don’t Just Collect Data, We Collect Data That Converts!

Seeking Excellence For Your Brand Our Partners

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Experiencing Brands Through Product Sampling

Experiencing a product is a sensory experience. Consumers engage all their senses to experience a product. If they like the product, it forms a halo effect around a brand. Product sampling companies understand that free product samples work at a psychological level. It wins over new consumers and increases the chance of them making them buy. This sparks positive conversations adding value to the product sampling campaign.

A Sampling Agency With A Deep Knowledge Of Sampling Psychology

There is a difference between a crowd of engaged audiences and on-foot traffic of passers-by. It is not about the location the samples are displayed in. It is customer psychology that is the secret sauce to an excellent sampling campaign.

What makes people approach the sampling table or makes them feel good about your product?

Sampling has much more psychology than most people can gauge on the outside. There are ways to make a campaign alluring. The idea is to make the audience experience a warmer memory associated with your product. We design the sampling campaigns at our product sampling company to achieve this. We attract consumers with display design, influencer branding, and more. As a sampling company, we transform your brand into an enriching consumer experience. We make product sampling a party and remind customers of a pleasurable experience.

Our Product Sampling Agency Makes It A Piece Of Cake

We deliver seamless product sampling campaigns to make an impact. As a product sampling agency, we get your products into the right hands and deliver the desired ROI. We know how to cut a dash. We are a sampling company that puts the customer first. We are always prepared for a nationwide campaign, offering expertise not found elsewhere.

A Sampling Agency That Stands Out

We understand what it takes to put a brand on the map. Our product sampling company experts craft campaigns by combining design and logistics management. This creates a unique experience for the consumers. Because, why settle for the ordinary when you can be exceptional?

One Of The Most Trusted Product Sampling Companies

We generate rich industry-leading experiences. We provide clients with insights into the campaigns, from activation until completion. Because, the proof is in the pudding. A leading product sampling company, we are trusted by big brands and SMBs alike.

Product Sampling Company With A Difference

We work with your teams both off-site and on-premises. To influence and attract the consumers, we sketch out the most viable plan. The goal is to increase brand recognition and demand for the product. We strive to achieve direct insight resulting from the sampling process. Our product sampling company allows the team to focus on what they are good at. Every sampling company has its specialty. Our team specializes in designing sampling campaigns and promoting them well. Our in-house team has a lot of sampling
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