We Bring Your Brand To Life With Our Strategically Tailored Services

Samplrr is a high-volume product sampling company offering access to millions of consumers across the country. We work with brands across all categories and ensure that they get into the right hands.

White Label Sampling

With our attractive packaging, we conceptualize tailor-made goody boxes, help brands launch new products through sampling and incentivize opportunities to cross-sell other products/services. We offer online and offline sampling methods for new and existing products for regular FMCG brands, managing the product distribution, logistics, feedback, data, and engagement level of the target audience.

Product Launch

We provide marketing activities support to new and established brands to push the marketing campaigns by defining sampling goals. We adhere to the product launch timelines, find the right target audience, leverage influencers’ reputation to endorse a product, and provide pre-launch sampling feedback to improve them. We offer add-on services through Digital Marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

Liquidation Of Excess Stock

Brands surely do not want to waste their products approaching expiration. We have the capabilities to liquidate excess inventory within a short duration at the minimum logistical costs at the local level. With our white label sampling methods, we re-merchandise and remarket old or slow-moving stock, or alternatively, offer them as freebies in a bid to form strategic alliances between multiple brands.

Influencer Branding

Influencer partnerships impact businesses positively. By leveraging the power of influencer branding, we introduce new products to the customers, boost marketing outreach and establish trust. With the popularity of micro and macro influencer marketing, we run successful influencer marketing campaigns to market the launch of a new product/service.

Product Display & Distributions

Product Displays are crucial to any visual merchandising strategy. We carry out offline branding in promotional activities for upcoming launches and existing products at airports, metro, malls, cinema halls, etc., on kiosks, display boards, countertop displays, banners, etc. We engage in strategic placement of each product and their distribution along with event-based on-ground sampling.

Strategic Alliances

We help brands connect with the right partners and reach out to the appropriate audience through promotional schemes, product launches, etc. Our strategic business alliances offer benefits to the target audience of the number of brands involved, help them expand their reach at the local levels, and generate more sales.
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