We Are An Agency With A Difference


We are a product sampling, customer engagement, and strategic alliance agency with experience in driving product marketing for FMCG brands. It is quite understandable that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t help a product to stand out from the competitive crowd.

We, at Samplrr, prepare customized plans for every brand, depending upon the quantity of samples available, geographical location, age-group, and other parameters. We map each platform to match a product and its target audience. At the heart of our agency, we have an amazing team that provides every client the attention they require.

What Can We Do For You?


Deliver Meaningful Experiences

We understand that personalization and the experience of receiving a free sample is the key to capturing customer interest. By tailoring our sampling techniques in accordance with the target audience, we provide the customers a meaningful experience that is effective in increasing conversions.

Harness The Power Of Data

A limitation of product sampling is the data that indicates customer purchase intent after receiving a free sample. We capture this data with our strategic approach and create opportunities for brands to deliver personalized recommendations, cross-sell and drive customer referrals.

Increase Business Efficiency

The logistical cost of marketing and distributing product samples exceeds the amount earned from actual sales. Partnering with us helps brands to be more efficient with the launch of a new company or a new product and distributing products with low shelf-life approaching expiry.

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