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A Guide To Partner with Product Sampling Companies in India

As a big brand, do you often find it challenging to promote a new product because there are similar products already? Brands need to convince customers to take risks and believe their brand message and products. It isn’t easy to ensure that a particular brand’s products are better than their competitors and keep customers satisfied. This is where product sampling companies have an opportunity to step up their game. 

For instance, cosmetics and food products have for long belonged to the domain of sampling. While traditional in-store customer and indirect distributor sampling continue, companies focus on new outlets and creative ways of running their initiatives. Big brands hire Bloggers, Influencers, and Trend-setters to endorse their brands. FMCG companies opt for the popular in-flight product sampling, which engages and captivates the audience’s interest, offers guaranteed viewership, allows direct access to the target group, and direct product interaction. 

Product sampling is barely a new concept and has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for various reasons. Consumers find it easy to participate in product sampling, be it in movie plazas, shopping malls, or inside an aircraft because you bring the product samples right where consumers can engage with them. As a product sampling company, you get to access the diverse group of your target audience. 

While manning venues with sampling booths is straightforward, it takes much more to promote a new product or pull off a successful product sampling campaign. Offering product samples to potential consumers gives them a taste of what is to come, increases exposure, and makes them feel confident with their purchase. But the process of executing a campaign burdens the companies that attempt it. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a product sampling company to carry out various sampling employing methodologies.

How to Choose a Product Sampling Agency?

While one sampling campaign may perform well and reap more positive reviews, others may perform better at expanding brand recognition. Likewise, some products do not lend themselves well to in-store sampling. That’s where a company with multiple marketing strategies can be of benefit. When choosing a product sampling company, you want them to identify your target audience and have a systematic approach to product choice, product placement, and product sampling. Determining the right product sampling company, therefore, depends upon – 

  • Teamwork – How well a company works with your teams, on-premise and off-site, to influence consumer behavior
  • Product Sampling Psychology – How well a company understands the psychology behind product sampling to identify the targeted consumers’ needs and pain points. 
  • Conclusive Data – How well a company has built a portfolio of Product Sampling Case Studies of insightful reporting and analysis. 
  • Campaign development  – How strategic and methodical a company is in developing campaigns and implementation in every phase.
  • Live Marketing Campaigns – How well a company brings in and integrates industry knowledge and local expertise. 

From identifying your target consumer to increasing brand recognition, discover how you can direct your next product sampling campaign with the top 3 product sampling companies in India mentioned below – 

1. Samplrr

One of the pioneers in Product Sampling, Samplrr brings a unique blend of technology, strategic focus group sampling, and expert marketing professionals to reach out to potential customers through targeted activations. It is the only company in the country to offer product sampling as an exclusive service. They help launch new products in the market, collect valuable customer feedback, and help brands with customized business strategies create product awareness of new and existing products to reach the target audience. They are a product sampling, customer engagement, and strategic alliance agency with experience in driving product marketing for FMCG brands. 

Samplrr prepares customized plans for every brand, depending upon the number of samples available, age group, geographical location, and other parameters. They are 100% transparent about their target audience data, best-negotiated costs, commitments, and deliverables. They have a zero pilferage policy as they ensure that the stocks do not get stolen and reach the right target audience in the right quantity. They are personally involved in carrying out random checks and audits to maintain the proof of campaign.                                              

Samplrr believes in – 

  • Delivering Meaningful Experiences by tailoring their sampling techniques as per the target audience and capturing customer interest. It is effective in increasing conversions.
  • Harnessing the power of Data by a strategic approach and creating opportunities for brands to cross-sell, deliver personalized recommendations, and drive customer referrals.
  • Increase Business Efficiency by helping brands be more efficient with launching a new company or a new product and distributing products with low shelf-life approaching expiry.

Samplrr aligns product sampling campaigns with specific lifestyle activities relevant to the target audience and drives sales.

2. Groupm

Groupm is a renowned name that is proactive in shaping the next era of media. They are primarily engaged in client services through outcome-focused media strategies as per the audience, evolving data science, modern investment, and unified technology. They are also involved in Product Sampling and carry out Surveys that indicate a given target audience’s preferences. Product Sampling is not their core area of expertise. Still, they carry out online sampling for regular people who want to try out products before purchasing them, gathering genuine feedback in return.

3. Smytten

Smytten is a budding online platform for trials of luxurious beauty and grooming products. It offers trials on its app for premium brands such as Kama Ayurveda, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, etc., for a low price. They have over 500+ luxury brands across categories such as Gentlemen’s Grooming, Beauty, Food and Beverage, Spas, Smart Technology, Salons, and much more. Their products are sourced straight from their brands with exclusive offers.

Why do Brands Engage in Product Sampling?

Brands want to connect with a wider audience and immerse customers in the experience of their brands and products. The 3 factors – Reciprocity, Risk Aversion, and Sentiment – explains the psychology of product sampling. It may sound a bit complex but, generally, brands and consumers welcome sampling services because there is nothing to lose for either party involved. But essentially, all sampling techniques aim to engage customers through a personalized experience. 

Types of Product Sampling

Here are a few different types of product sampling techniques that brands adapt to enhance their brand recognition and further their customer acquisition – 

  • Brand-to-Hand

The Brand-to-Hand technique is effective in passing products into the customers’ hands. It delivers complex messages to the target audience at shopping malls, weddings, metro stations, gyms, etc., and increases brand perception. 

  • Social Sampling

Social Sampling makes ample use of social media’s ad-targeting tools to target the audience directly by sending samples directly to the door of the consumers and collecting consumer data for remarketing.

  • Door Drops + Direct Mail

We offer Door drops at a minimal cost per sample. When we combine the Door Drops & Direct Mail technique with sampling, it is highly target-oriented and gets the relevant products into the people’s hands.

  • Experiential Sampling

We create a consumer journey as a part of the traditional brand-to-hand sampling activation that can generate credible Social Media content and increase engagement so that the brand messaging can be portrayed and absorbed smoothly.

  • Event Sampling

We carry out event sampling with an experiential approach to target consumers with relevant products at events, such as Comic-cons, festivals, wedding fairs, trade shows, etc. We hold interactions and activities as a part of the sampling campaign to harness the spirit of the event. It engages the audience and allows us the opportunity to drive brand sentiment and brand awareness.

  • In-Store & On Trade Sampling

We convert consumers into customers while they are at a supermarket, office, bar, etc., at the point of making a purchase. With our innovative sampling method, we use the opportunity to drive immediate sales from well-thought-of in-store campaigns.

  • Office Sampling

The office environment is one place where there is minimal opportunity for traditional marketing. We create customized sampling programs for office employees that match your target audience. With our bespoke, engaging, and cost-effective campaigns, we deliver a robust ROI.

  • Goody Bag Sampling

We work with multiple consumers at sporting events, shows, exhibitions, etc., and distribute samples in complimentary bags to eager and engaged consumers. This is based on in-depth audience insight from each event, and we curate the best blend of events to engage the target audience.

  • eCommerce Sampling

In recent times, the dominance of online shopping implies that various purchases are directly being delivered to people’s homes, allowing relevant samples to accompany them. By working with online retailers, we target audiences based on their demographics and purchasing behavior to get samples into their hands along with their orders at fashion, leisure, and supermarket shops.

  • Student Sampling

Students are the key target audience for so many brands. We carry out targeted sampling campaigns to engage students at the right time and create powerful advocates for brands and drive sales. We target specific demographics of the student communities.

  • Partnership Sampling

Partnerships add enormous value to brands through existing credibility and access to specific audiences such as groups, venues, or certain organizations. Our bespoke partnership packages guarantee the distribution of a set number of samples along with the value addition of exposure, competitive packages, and associated engagement.

  • Takeaway Sampling

Due to the nature of takeaways, we work with delivery services and independent restaurant chains and deliver samples along with takeaway deliveries. We target locals based on geographic demographics, restaurant audience data, and cuisine type.

How effective is product sampling?

  • It drives sales at point-of-purchase

Encouraging trial of a product at the point of purchase is a great way to drive sales. Research findings suggest that 35% of customers who try a sample are likely to buy the sampled product on the same shopping trip. The effectiveness of product sampling can be enhanced by appealing to the senses of a consumer.  

  • Consumers respond to product sampling

A modern consumer wants to try before making a purchase. But while at a sampling station, they may feel psychologically and socially pressured to make a post-sample purchase. This is one of the many unrecognized, sales-boosting benefits of product sampling. It was found that 65% of consumers purchased a product promoted on a shopping trip and reported that the opportunity to try the product was the influencing factor. Product sampling increases sales and shows the long-term benefits.

  • It encourages trial

Consumers are more likely to consider taking a trial once they become aware of a brand, a decision made easier when the cost of the trial is zero. By giving the consumer a chance to try a product, we decrease their anxiety about their purchase decision. This is the classic foot-in-the-door technique. It implies that if a consumer is convinced to sample as an initial commitment, increasing the likelihood of purchasing later.

  • It generates brand awareness

When using experiential marketing or events, brand awareness is the primary goal of 81% of brands. Product samples drive brand awareness even before customers reach the stand. Discounts, special offers, and free samples are powerful motivations for consumers. When consumers reach the stand and ask questions about a specific product, if handled well by a trained team of brand ambassadors, it furthers the brand exposure. But it doesn’t stop there – product sampling and word of mouth work in tandem. 

  • It demonstrates value, aiding retention

Retaining customers is as important as customer acquisition. The acquisition is not the be-all and end-all of a strategy. Marketers should be looking towards retaining customers. Since modern marketing is primarily relationship-based, it is important to nurture that relationship by giving away a product. It demonstrates that a brand is not entirely driven by money.

  • It generates valuable feedback

Data is the currency of marketing. It is, therefore, essential to recognize opportunities to collect data and capitalize them. Product sampling gives marketers access to feedback data from consumers, especially during trials of new products or variations of the existing ones. Feedback data makes brands aware of their fault lines and enables them to resolve them quickly.

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