Enhance Your Brand with Multiple Product Sampling Techniques

We are a product sampling agency dedicated to helping brands reach the exact target audience by leveraging our online and offline network. With our integrated sampling solution, we curate the perfect blend of sampling techniques that deliver targeted campaigns and measurable results.
Integrated Sampling Approach
We take care of diverse sampling methods under one roof to drive efficiency in Targeting, Relevance and driving ROI. Here are some of the sampling techniques that we employ.
A high-engagement technique, Brand-to-Hand, is extremely effective in passing products into the customers’ hands. This technique is quite useful in delivering complex messaging to the target audience at shopping malls, metro stations, weddings, gyms, etc. It increases brand perception and maximizes the ROI.
This method is efficient in activating the Brand-to-Hand sampling on a shoestring budget. The Guerrilla Sampling technique allows us to react promptly at-the-moment without any security of booked site spaces. At the same time, we are ready with our backups and contingency plans to minimize any risk.
This technique makes use of social media’s ad-targeting tools to target the audience directly. This implies sending samples directly to the door of the consumers. At the point of claiming the sample, the Social Sampling technique collects consumer data that is great for remarketing.
We create a consumer journey as a part of the traditional brand-to-hand sampling activation that can generate credible Social Media content and increase engagement so that the brand messaging can be portrayed and absorbed smoothly.
We carry out event sampling with an experiential approach to target consumers with relevant products at events, such as Comic-cons, festivals, wedding fairs, trade shows, etc. We hold interactions and activities as a part of the sampling campaign to harness the spirit of the event. It engages the audience and allows us the opportunity to drive brand sentiment and brand awareness.
We convert consumers into customers while they are at a supermarket, office, bar, etc., at the point of making a purchase. With our innovative sampling method, we use the opportunity to drive immediate sales from well-thought-of in-store campaigns.
We offer Door drops at a minimal cost per sample. When we combine the Door Drops & Direct Mail technique with sampling, it is highly target-oriented and gets the relevant products into the people’s hands.
The office environment is one place where there is minimal opportunity for traditional marketing. We create customized sampling programs for office employees that match your target audience. With our bespoke engaging, and cost-effective campaigns, we deliver a powerful ROI.
In recent times, the dominance of online shopping implies that various purchases are directly being delivered to people’s homes, allowing relevant samples to accompany them. By working with online retailers, we target audiences based on their demographics and purchasing behavior to get samples into their hands along with their orders at fashion, leisure, and supermarket shops.
We identify when and where the target audience is likely to receive a sample in a positive frame of mind and how they can be engaged to maximize the brand perception. Through our bespoke sampling roadshows, we maximize the reach of the campaign and the consumers’ engagement levels.
Partnerships add enormous value to brands through existing credibility and access to specific audiences such as groups, venues, or certain organisations. Our bespoke partnership packages guarantee the distribution of a set number of samples along with the value addition of exposure, competitive packages, and associated engagement.
Students are the key target audience for so many brands. We carry out targeted sampling campaigns to engage students at the right time and create powerful advocates for brands and drive sales. We optimize sampling by utilizing our wide range of techniques to target specific demographics of the student communities.
Due to the nature of takeaways, we work with delivery services and independent restaurant chains and deliver samples along with takeaway deliveries. We manage to target local levels based on geographic demographics and restaurant audience data, and cuisine type.
We work with multiple consumers at sporting events, shows, exhibitions, etc., and distribute samples in complimentary bags to eager and engaged consumers. This is based on in-depth audience insight from each event, and we curate the best blend of events to engage the target audience.
We work with independent drivers to offer samples to customers during their rides. Each driver engages their customers by carrying out cost-effective sampling at a large scale. We manage the local level targeting based on geographic demographics, restaurant audience data, and driver selection.