Brand Activation Agency With A Difference

Engaging with the right target audience before, during, and after a product launch is more important than ever. Samplrr, as a brand activation agency, understands that.

With our offline and online product sampling campaigns, we drive brand interactions and brand experiences. Our awareness and brand activation campaigns ensure the incorporation of all the aspects of wet and dry sampling.

We carry out brand activation campaigns with online and offline engagement, pleasant experiences for the targeted consumer, and innovative ways that strike an emotional cord.

At Samplrr, we ensure that your brand story and products reach peoples' hands, homes, and workstations.


Making Things Happen At Our Brand Activation Agency

The shift in consumer habits and preferences and the introduction of new technologies have led to more competition to get the buyer's attention. As a brand activation agency, we understand that consumers shift and switch seamlessly between online and offline buying.

At Samplrr, a digitally-backed product brand activation agency, we offer your brand the chance to reach the right target audience experientially.

Brand Activation Avenues

Product activations and ideas become powerful when the right channels come together in an 'end-to-end customer journey. With customized business strategies, we help brands by creating awareness of new and existing products. With product activation campaigns, we ensure a broader customer reach. From in-store activation to on-shelf conversion, we take care of it all.

Brand Activations & Experiential Marketing

We create real touch points between the public and your brand through experiential activations in societies, malls, schools, and colleges. Our team conceives ideas, strategizes, and implements them end-to-end.



With our resource team spread across the country, we manage the logistics, staffing, and implementation. All we have to do is develop event ideas and get them implemented.


Street and Guerilla Sampling

Our guerilla marketing strategies involve taking care of all the under-the-radar business, including posters, the printing of brochures, sticker bombing, and other marketing collaterals, etc., to give an edgy flavor to the product activation campaigns.


Staffing & Brand Ambassadors

Our strategic networking ability to get influencers, promoters and brand ambassadors on board ensures that your messages are delivered right.


Mall Activations

Mall activations are all about events, contests, activities, and more being organized on the site. We devise ways to engage people strolling past us and add a fun element to their day.


BTL Activations

We focus on magnifying your brand's reach by several on-ground and offline activations such as RWA, corporate, and market activations to dealer activations.

We Bring Your Brand To Life

The way customers engage with a brand keeps undergoing rapid shifts.

Samplrr, a new-age brand activation agency, is the future of experiential product sampling. Our next-generation technology solutions are an all-time crowd puller, making your brand story stand out in the competition. We help you leverage the power of social sharing and make brand engagement a matter of fun.